Of Calligraphy

April 29, 2013 § Leave a comment

When i was a child i loved calligraphy. I could spend long stretches of time practicing the different ways to write the letters. Some gave me a lot of trouble, i never quite managed to write beautiful M´s or F´s, but overall i thought that if something was worthwhile writing, it should be written in a beautiful way (or as beautiful as possible). The advent of computers changed all this. Today it´s very rare that someone takes handwritten notes in schools or universities, not to mention letters, invitations, and so on. In some darkish societal corners some people may still appreciate calligraphy, but in general I would say is not a very practiced art.

I don´t practice anymore calligraphy, although I still pay attention to my handwriting. Yet when i walk or drive around a city and I  notice commercial signs done with beautiful font designs, my old passion is rekindled. Here are some of the ones i have encountered in Norway that to me have the added charm of bygone eras …

Oslo Vollen Bakeri



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