Black-and-White Photography

May 19, 2013 § 1 Comment

I like black-and-white photos. In many occasions color is too distracting. Yet the absence of color lets you focus in the essentials like shapes, composition, shadows and lights. The interplay between black, grey and white can be as rich and nuanced as you wish. It can bring drama to a scene or it can enhance a sense of serenity.

A black-and-white photo is not one missing color, but one created without color. There are many master photographers that have specialized in monochrome pictures, probable one of the best is Sebastiao Salgado. Although some people have criticized his latest turn to environmental and nature photography after having documented for more than three decades the conflicts and miseries of the world, whatever you think of him take a look at his website for a review of the unlimited possibilities of photography in its monochromatic version.

P.S. I was asked by a friend whether in our lives color is also too distracting, too domineering? Whether the present time is characterized by an ever expanding need to “color” everything and to focus only on rainbows and not appreciate enough the depth provided by just black,white and grey?



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