Of Dictators

May 22, 2013 § 1 Comment

We all know of dictators: who they are and what they do.  We know how these tyrants impose their will on everybody  and how the people must obey their orders or otherwise … well, you know.We all fear them. Diktatoren in the Norwegian language means “The Dictator”. This is also the title of a children´s book by renowned Swedish writer, Ulf Stark (more about him here and here). Although the book was published in Norwegian in 2012 (originally published in Swedish in 2010), it has just come to my attention now  as I´m always in the lookout for interesting children´s books for my daughter. It is a really interesting book and not only for children.


It is a book about dictators, the small ones that can control a whole household with the threat of an imminent temper tantrum. It is also a book about adults and how we have surrendered our duties as parents in order to either please a three year old, to avoid yet another difficult meal or simply to collapse in front of a television (Ipad, computer, and so on) because we are plainly exhausted. Yet nobody is served by surrendering to the will of the dictators, least of all them, and this becomes painfully obvious in their encounters with the world outside their sphere of influence.


The book is still not translated into English, yet it has been translated into Russian, Turkish, Italian, Latvian, Finnish, Norwegian and Belarusian (in case you speak any of these languages). Here you can find an interview in English with the author. The book has beautiful illustrations and if you are like me and don´t care if I can´t read the language as long as the book feels like candy for my eyes, then I highly recommend it to give it a try. Below you find two pictures from the book I took with my phone, please meet The Dictator!




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