I Ching – Hexagram 31

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You are elevated or debased by the object of your desire


Some Oscar Wilde´s Thoughts for the Weekend

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It seems to me that love of some kind is the only possible explanation of the extraordinary amount of suffering that there is in the world. I can not conceive of any other explanation. I am convinced that there is no other, and that if the world has indeed, as i have said, built of sorrow, it has been built by the hands of love, because in no other way could the soul of man, for whom the world was made, reach the full stature of its perfection. Pleasure for the beautiful body, but pain for the beautiful soul” De Profundis, p.162 (Penguin Classics, 1986)

“The self-effac…

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“The self-effacing nature of language, which essentially distorts that which is attempting to clarify”

G. Homayounpour on Lacan´s language theory

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