I Ching – Hexagram 31

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You are elevated or debased by the object of your desire


Show Time!!

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I never would have imagined that passion flowers (passiflora) would grow and bloom in these northern latitudes. Coming from an equatorial land wherein the scorching sun works up the ground for these exuberant creatures, I thought that this fierce warmth was a minimum requirement for their growth. I was wrong.

One day after a trip to the local plant nursery, I came back home with one plant partially convinced by the owner that they could thrive here as well, albeit in a more limited manner. I decided to give it a try knowing how much butterflies love their flowers. After three weeks of skeptical waiting and with day temperatures ranging between 16– 23C, show time finally arrives!!

Is this an amazing capacity for adaptation or gene manipulation? I don´t know and for the time been, I´ll just rejoice in its beauty.


The Imagination of Children

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Three years ago my partner underwent proton radiation on his right eye to destroy a malignant tumor. He lost the vision of this eye and, over time, this dead eye is shrinking and is being sort of absorbed into the body. Yet he has no cancer. Although this story sounds a bit dramatic it is not, and the point is not to turn it into one. I´m telling it because the other day our daughter – 6 years old- was looking intently into this disappearing eye and made a comment: Does this mean (the shrinking eye) that from now on you are going to be able to see inside of your body? Sooo cool!!

Is it not this a fantastic conclusion?



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“In my opinion banality remains the whole diagnostic criterion of the crisis within our era” Gohar Homayounpour (Doing Psychoanalysis in Tehran).

When you watch television (specially news sections and reality shows), read the newspapers or surf through the internet, is it not banality the common denominator? what about when you talk to people? your friends? family? the man next door? the woman at the supermarket? is it banality the common denominator as well? or sometimes yes, sometimes not? is it not banality more pronounced through the media (social, electronic or whatever)? I agree that banality is poignant within our era but I´m not so sure where it´s coming from.

The Hope of Spring

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Spring always comes delayed in the northern latitudes. This year it came even more delayed. As a result, it is just in the last week of April that we have seen the much-longed for appearance of the first wild white and blue anemones and coltsfoot. Nature around you is carefully awakening to the fact that the mantle of snow is over and that the promise of warmth is a reality. The landscape is brownish: the whiteness gone, but the green is yet to come. Then suddenly, very small white, blue and yellow heads start popping up all over. First just one or two, then a few  more and after a couple of sunny days, entire areas are blanketed with these fantastic creatures. They are just beautiful and makes them special is their color contrast against the brown underground of decayed leaves. Want any better sign for new things to come?

Hepatica Nobilis

Nietzsche and Mankind

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F. Nietzsche is probably one of the most questioned modern philosophers. Not even considered as a proper philosopher by some … And those who follow his thread are somehow doomed to controversy and misunderstanding. Yet, I think that some of his ideas are enlightening in so many circumstances. Think of this excerpt from “The Anti-Christ”:   “Man is absolutely not the crown of creation: every creature stands beside him at the same stage of perfection … And even in asserting that we assert too much: man is, relatively speaking, the most unsuccessful animal, the sickliest, the one most dangerously strayed from its instincts – with all that, to be sure, the most interesting!” (p.124)*

Or this other one along a similar line:    ” Mankind does not represent a development of the better or the stronger or the higher in the way that it is believed today. Progress is merely a modern idea, that is to say a false idea.” (p. 116)*

Watching videos like this one below makes you wonder where did Nietzsche got the inspiration for his ideas:

This is a video taken on April 30, 2013 at a session of the Venezuelan National Assembly in Caracas. I have to say that politicians fighting is not news, neither in Venezuela nor anywhere,  yet we insist on believing that somehow public discussions should be kept at a certain level of respect if not for what the other stands for, at least for what the concept of discussion/debate entails. That is a plurality of arguments and comments in exploring solutions,  examining proposals and so on, that invariably calls for negotiation. In the “heat of the moment” you may say regrettable things, opting for physical contact is … well, what do you think?

* F. Nietzsche “The Anti-Christ”  Penguin Classics. Reprinted 1982

Of Calligraphy

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When i was a child i loved calligraphy. I could spend long stretches of time practicing the different ways to write the letters. Some gave me a lot of trouble, i never quite managed to write beautiful M´s or F´s, but overall i thought that if something was worthwhile writing, it should be written in a beautiful way (or as beautiful as possible). The advent of computers changed all this. Today it´s very rare that someone takes handwritten notes in schools or universities, not to mention letters, invitations, and so on. In some darkish societal corners some people may still appreciate calligraphy, but in general I would say is not a very practiced art.

I don´t practice anymore calligraphy, although I still pay attention to my handwriting. Yet when i walk or drive around a city and I  notice commercial signs done with beautiful font designs, my old passion is rekindled. Here are some of the ones i have encountered in Norway that to me have the added charm of bygone eras …

Oslo Vollen Bakeri

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