In Paris

April 25, 2013 § 1 Comment

Ohhh Paris … My lovely Paris in spring. This past weekend I was in Paris with some Venezuelan friends and we decided to check the Jesus Soto exhibition at the Pompidou. The exhibition was rather small, there were twenty works, but according to the brochure from the museum “the collection of 20 landmark works from between 1955 and 2004, donated to the state by the artist’s family, fill in some significant gaps and offer further insights into his artistic journey. Centre Pompidou is exhibiting this exceptional group of works for the first time.

I guess that the fact that your work is exhibited at the Pompidou should be good enough for an artist, but i could not avoid a vague feeling of dissatisfaction at the whole set up of the work. It seemed like it was done a bit in a hurry, to get over with it. Not much attention to details … Yet, I could not help but to notice that the whole Pompidou was a bit like that. One visit to the bathrooms at the ground floor and a grand view of the foyer coming down from the stairs was enough to elicit a sensation that the center was already showing its age. “The Pompidou needs a dose of TLC” said one of my friends, I could not agree more. Although the center underwent its last renovation work in December 1999, it is in need of further help. Maybe the finances are in dire straits and therefore the present status …? I missed the Munch exhibition from last year, which supposedly was a huge success, but perhaps that was not enough to collect money to invest in the center? God knows but the Pompidou definitively needs a refreshment!!


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