I Ching – Hexagram 31

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You are elevated or debased by the object of your desire



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“In my opinion banality remains the whole diagnostic criterion of the crisis within our era” Gohar Homayounpour (Doing Psychoanalysis in Tehran).

When you watch television (specially news sections and reality shows), read the newspapers or surf through the internet, is it not banality the common denominator? what about when you talk to people? your friends? family? the man next door? the woman at the supermarket? is it banality the common denominator as well? or sometimes yes, sometimes not? is it not banality more pronounced through the media (social, electronic or whatever)? I agree that banality is poignant within our era but I´m not so sure where it´s coming from.

Some Oscar Wilde´s Thoughts for the Weekend

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It seems to me that love of some kind is the only possible explanation of the extraordinary amount of suffering that there is in the world. I can not conceive of any other explanation. I am convinced that there is no other, and that if the world has indeed, as i have said, built of sorrow, it has been built by the hands of love, because in no other way could the soul of man, for whom the world was made, reach the full stature of its perfection. Pleasure for the beautiful body, but pain for the beautiful soul” De Profundis, p.162 (Penguin Classics, 1986)

Nietzsche and Mankind

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F. Nietzsche is probably one of the most questioned modern philosophers. Not even considered as a proper philosopher by some … And those who follow his thread are somehow doomed to controversy and misunderstanding. Yet, I think that some of his ideas are enlightening in so many circumstances. Think of this excerpt from “The Anti-Christ”:   “Man is absolutely not the crown of creation: every creature stands beside him at the same stage of perfection … And even in asserting that we assert too much: man is, relatively speaking, the most unsuccessful animal, the sickliest, the one most dangerously strayed from its instincts – with all that, to be sure, the most interesting!” (p.124)*

Or this other one along a similar line:    ” Mankind does not represent a development of the better or the stronger or the higher in the way that it is believed today. Progress is merely a modern idea, that is to say a false idea.” (p. 116)*

Watching videos like this one below makes you wonder where did Nietzsche got the inspiration for his ideas:

This is a video taken on April 30, 2013 at a session of the Venezuelan National Assembly in Caracas. I have to say that politicians fighting is not news, neither in Venezuela nor anywhere,  yet we insist on believing that somehow public discussions should be kept at a certain level of respect if not for what the other stands for, at least for what the concept of discussion/debate entails. That is a plurality of arguments and comments in exploring solutions,  examining proposals and so on, that invariably calls for negotiation. In the “heat of the moment” you may say regrettable things, opting for physical contact is … well, what do you think?

* F. Nietzsche “The Anti-Christ”  Penguin Classics. Reprinted 1982

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